Customer Testimonials

P Sealey, Analog Devices:

“Having worked on numerous prototype production runs [~<100 off] with ST-Electronics of small panellised boards to medium complexity multi-layer PCB's with BGA's & small SMD's, I have found they consistently take a 'can do attitude' and get the job done efficiently & helpfully. They are very useful in assisting to source difficult to find components & can often suggest alternative sources of compatible parts during the design phase. They hold production run parts for us between projects & keep inventories of hard to find items if needed for the next assembly run. They are price competitive & extremely supportive in investigating & resolving any prototype assembly/design & logistics issues should they arise. I have found working with them to be productive & pleasant & I can thoroughly recommend them to others as a 'one stop shop' to get your designs realized. They have even organized shipping a prototype design direct to our customer over a weekend when an urgent demonstration was needed.”